National Hypocrisy Ceiling Surpassed; Moral Legitimacy of Country tanking

What would normally be a routine debt ceiling increase for President Obama has turned into the perfect Congressional storm, bringing the United States dangerously close to a default and raising questions as to whether our government can actually function anymore, considering the 112th US Congress has been among the least productive in history, thus far.

But amid heated debates lawmakers have failed to recognize that another, lesser-known, yet possibly far more important ceiling has been disregarded, hit, and tremendously surpassed: The national hypocrisy ceiling. In fact, the sanity deficits being run in Washington today are unparalleled in history, comparable perhaps only to the three-fifths-compromise following the Declaration of Independence, or perhaps the “Grandfather clause” in Reconstruction South polling practices, which enabled poor whites to circumvent a polling tax which essentially disenfranchised poor freedmen. The budget on this issue was last balanced about 55 years ago during the actually bipartisan Eisenhower era. The Congressional Budget Office has identified some major sources of hypocrisy which have played a role in escalating the crisis:

– John Boehner, who bravely declares that “Washington’s spending binge is over,” despite the fact that he voted for the authorization of two wars. Despite the fact that he voted for Bush tax cuts which were payed for by money borrowed from the Chinese (who, by the way, want that back at some point), and added 1.8 trillion to deficits as the single greatest debt-inducing policy decision in US history. Despite the fact that he didn’t mind voting for the first stimulus package, and that the main problem of Obama’s was that it wasn’t enough.

– Michele Bachmann’s Tea Party support in Iowa who scream “Where are the jobs?!” while their state enjoys 6% unemployment, 8th lowest in the country.

– GOP Tea Party freshman Representative Joe Walsh, who urges fiscal prudence while totally not owing 100,000 dollars in unpaid child support fees.

-Those millions of Americans who happily donate their money, time, and energy to a nonexistent political campaign while screaming out for not a penny of new taxes.

– Tea Partiers who insist on cutting Pell Grants because allowing poor and enterprising people to go to college and making a decent living and contributing to the economy is basically the same as allowing them to live off handouts because hey, only the rich deserve an education nowadays, or anything in this country for that matter.

– A president who claims to be bipartisan while he is unpartisan, who claims to represent everyone while acting in the best interests of no one, who authorizes stimulus packages that are too big and spending binge-y for his political opponents yet way too small to have the real impact on anything, who has a health care plan which may be too “1930’s Nazi Germany” for opponents but isn’t liberal enough for his own party because it isn’t single-payer. A president whose compromises are about as effective as this one.

– A major news network whose blatant misuse of the motto “Fair and Balanced” seems almost illegal.

– Welfare queen #1 Michele Bachmann, who gets paid lavishly for her non-work of missing a full 40% of House votes while on a presidential campaign that even Fox News finds a bit ludicrous, who gets compensated with hundreds of thousands each year to spread lies and misinformation and her own version of born-again history on the House floor, who has been one of the least productive House members out there by passing only two inconsequential bills in her 5 years there, and who thinks default will do some good for the country as the government will finally “live within its means.” Bachmann, who is so out-of-touch that she proposed cutting veteran’s benefits to get us out of the crisis, and whose “job-creating small business” is a therapy clinic which terrorizes gays to heterosexuality.

– Half of the American public which brands a president who has extended tax cuts and lowered taxes, and who governs to the right of Carter, Clinton, Ford, and Nixon, as a “socialist.”

– Stupid California liberals who undermine their own party’s president by putting up posters of him with a Hitler mustache and promoting some obscure third-party politician instead, because that’s great politics right there. I criticize you too, President Obama, so I guess I’m hypocritical too. But please, stay strong.

– An entire political party that suddenly acts like deficits are important to them, which is so totally in line with what they’ve been preaching for the last 10 years.

– An entire political party that somehow ties balanced budgets to job creation, an unstated connection about as cunning as the 9/11 – Iraq War one, which is totally batshit insane. By extension, an entire political party that seems to just have forgotten the lessons of the Great Depression, as evidenced by this. I’ll go into the 17 or so pieces of misinformation in that 1:00 speech some other time, but if you’ve actually read a book for once in your life you should be able to hit most of them.

– An entire political party whose antics bring up questions of the 14th amendment not just in the function of paying debts, but also because of their disturbing refusal to grant to the current president one time that which was granted to their darling WASP demi-god 17 times.

– An entire political party that doesn’t understand that the other side isn’t just going to cave into their ridiculous far-right demands this time.

– An entire political party who still thinks that a government should approach its budget as a family does, and that flood relief to Southern states should be accompanied by cuts elsewhere (even though government spending is good in a recession).

-An entire political party apparently devoted to the fanatical cause of making the current president a “one-term president,” showing ultimate selfishness by placing the success of their own ideology over that of the welfare of the country at large.

– David and Charles Koch, who comfortably sit on 20+ billion fortunes (partly inherited) while funding political action groups and movement conservatism to make sure that they continue to pay ridiculously low taxes on that fortune.

– American corporations, who made 1.65 trillion dollars of profit last year but still can’t be taxed because then they’ll lay off those non-existent American workers.

– Ayn Rand fanatics like Paul Ryan, who think everyone without money deserves to be that way.

– Supply-side economists who think that everyone who makes $250,000+/year spends those tax credits on their investment portfolio rather than just buying luxury goods for themselves. As it is said, Reagan’s high tide lifted all yachts.

– A part of the public that still somehow thinks that everything will be fine regardless, that this is a bump in the road, who tout American exceptionalism as the cure-all even though the American Dream and the entire system in general is badly damaged.

-A disillusioned teenage blogger who once claimed to be “non-partisan” or “partisan with justice” and admonished those who used ad hominem attacks in political arguments or asymmetrically found evidence against the opposing side, but is seething in anger that 536 grown-up children in Washington can’t just settle an argument, and is in no way living up to those ideals.

And…now I’m done.


2 Responses to National Hypocrisy Ceiling Surpassed; Moral Legitimacy of Country tanking

  1. A.M. says:

    I really, really enjoyed this post – great work!

    Hypocrisy, my friend, is present all over the world, and unfortunately seems to only grow each year. Here’s a little bit more hypocrisy which fits into your arguments – an entire political party which is obsessed with unemployment, but does not understand the virtue of Keynesian economic policies in a recession.

    I read your other post as well about the rightward shift of American politics and have to agree. The GOP almost seems fascist (although I’d like to be left unquoted on this for fear of being labeled something inappropriate or other by certain ignorant citizens).

    I’ve lost a lot of faith in Obama’s leadership as well recently. Those 2008 voters have too – going by his recent slump in approval ratings. And the S&P debt downgrade is not going to help. Unfortunately, Obama imo can’t be described as a good politician or leader – he’s simply been too wishy-washy on way too many important topics such as the debt, tax reforms, and post-recession recovery.

    These past few months should serve as severe reality checks for U.S. politicians and voters alike.

    On a slightly different note – The vast, vast majority of Americans aren’t suffering from widespread malnutrition, war, or extreme poverty. Things are a lot rosier than in a majority of countries in the world. Chin up. Also, remember what I used to tell you (especially in chem class) – the tides are turning, and the G20 ranking is slowly reshuffling.

  2. […] many conversations and read many articles about everything from causes to potential solutions to downright frustration. I was thinking about writing an economics focused blog post for a while, and the current debacle […]

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