Making fun of IKEA

Don’t get me wrong here, I love IKEA. My family’s from Finland so it’s always nice to bring a little bit of Nordic culture wherever we live, which tends to be far away from Northern Europe. At the same time, I never pass up a chance to make fun of the company’s idiosyncratic and occasionally bizarre culture, and by extension, the country of Sweden itself.

Fortunately for me, CollegeHumor did a couple of hilarious fake IKEA instruction manuals. These are amazing:

Sci-Fi Ikea Manuals

If Ikea made instructions for everything

Even the Daily Show recently joined in on the fun:

Swede Dreams

Thank you, Jason Jones.


One Response to Making fun of IKEA

  1. RKL says:

    My favorite IKEA experience comes from the first store in France just outside of Paris. While in the parking lot my husband and I noticed a customer unpacking his large cardboard box. Nothing was in it — to his dismay –save for some bundled paper. As it happens, we had to return to the store to check out some details and overheard the salesperson behind a desk instruct him to take his empty box to the correct department, not his responsibility. The morale: check your box before leaving an IKEA parking lot.

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